Did You Know That Multifamily Investing Can Provide a Great Source of Income in Retirement?

February 7, 2022|

Retirement with multifamily investing means more than just having a steady income stream to live on. It's also about enjoying the freedom of living where you want to live and when you want to live there. If multifamily investing is how you plan on retiring early, then the multifamily property can provide great opportunities for landlords who are looking for retirement properties.

Did you know that multifamily investing has a growing appeal among retirees? By acquiring multifamily property in locations that offer low crime and high-quality schools, multifamily investors can supplement their retirement income while simultaneously improving the lives of tenants who receive access to affordable housing and well-maintained properties. The following article will discuss multifamily investing, specifically for retiring early with multifamily.

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To retire early using multifamily investing, your multifamily investment should be able to provide enough cash flow not only cover expenses and debt service but also yield surplus cash flow for your use after retirement.

To achieve financial independence, multifamily investing is an excellent way for people who want to retire early. In addition to receiving passive income as a multifamily investor, you can enjoy the freedom of working from home as well as having long weekends and vacation days whenever you want them. You can also use surplus cash flow from multifamily investing to cover your living expenses during your retirement. However, there are some considerations that you will need to keep in mind when it comes time for retirement:

1) Increase rates on leases

At first glance, increasing rents might seem like it would lead to conflict with tenants or landlords; however, according to research, 80 percent of renters would like their rent increased if they knew where the money was going. For example, you could use the increased cash flow from multifamily investing to pay down mortgages or increase reserves for property management and taxes.

2) Raise rents gradually

If a multifamily property is well-managed, tenants who stay in leases longer tend to feel like their rent increases are justified, especially if they get better amenities over time (e.g., landscaping, new appliances). There are some rules that multifamily investors should follow when it comes to raising rents:  

a) Increase the same amount every year; don't make these increases random because this makes your multifamily tenants think more about how much they will be paying each month rather than thinking of the positive aspects of living at your multifamily property.

b) Tenants expect to pay more over time; multifamily investors should not be afraid of changing the rate at which rents increase and instead focus on (a) and (b).   

3) Budgeting your retirement income needs:  pretend like you're moving in today

In retirement, multifamily investing can provide a large part of your income needs. To understand how much multifamily investing will help you meet your expenses, pretend as if you are moving into your multifamily property tomorrow. This means that multifamily property taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, real estate management fees – all of these – will need to be taken out of cash flow from multifamily investing.  

Passive investing with multifamily assets is one of the smartest and simplest ways to achieve your early retirement goals. By passing traditional stock market investments, multifamily properties provide stability and predictable returns that can help you secure your future sooner. If you’re interested in learning more about this approach or want to get started right away, contract us. We would be happy to walk your through our process.

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